What is the "Heat Demand Offset" setting on my Quantum & how do I set it?

Modified on Tue, 18 Jul 2023 at 11:37 AM

Applicable to models: QM050RF QM070RF QM100RF QM125RF QM150RF HSDHHR050 HSDHHR070 HSDHHR100 HSDHHR125 HSDHHR150 (Series G5/G6/G7/G8/G9/Z/Y models of Quantum)

The "Heat Demand Offset" setting allows the user to adjust the percentage bias given to the charging algorithm. The Quantum heater will automatically calculate how much charge it needs to take each night to ensure enough heat is stored for the following day, based on the timer settings entered. By default the algorithm adds 30% on top of this and we find most users feel this gives a good comfort level. 

If you find you want the heater to take a little more (or conversely a little less) charge each night, the "Heat Demand Offset" percentage value can be altered. 

To change this, hold down MENU + ADVANCE buttons until the "Advanced Settings" menu appears.

Turn the dial to highlight "Charging" menu and press the dial to enter it.

Turn the dial to select "Heat Demand Offset" and press the dial to select it.

You can now alter the percentage value on screen. The default value is 30%. If you want the heater to take a little more charge, try changing it to 40%. Conversely, if you want the heater to take a little less charge each night, try altering it to 20% or lower. Press the dial to confirm the percentage required,

Note: By setting the percentage higher than the default 30%, the heater will be using more off-peak electricity and running costs will increase, but in return for greater comfort.

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