What do the different Ethernet LAN LED colours mean on the Dimplex Hub?

Modified on Wed, 08 Feb 2023 at 11:49 AM

Applicable to models: Dimplex Hub, Dimplex Control App


The Ethernet LAN LED will change colour depending on the Ethernet state.

No Ethernet LED lit = Ethernet cable is not connected or configured. If Ethernet LAN has been configured during the Hub setup or "Changing Hub Connection" wizard, then the LED should light up shortly after configuring Ethernet LAN within the Wizard on the app.

Ethernet LED Green = the hub has a working Local Area Network and working internet connection and is talking to the cloud. All is good.

WiFi LED Blue = the hub has a Local Area Network connection on Ethernet, but there is no connection out to the external internet or cannot connect to the cloud server. It could mean there is a problem with the Internet Connection itself to your home broadband router, or the cloud server is not responding. This could happen intermittently during regular operation and does not necessarily mean that there is an issue.

WiFi LED Red = there is an issue with the Ethernet LAN connection locally. Check that the Ethernet LAN cable is plugged into both the Dimplex Hub and the Internet router or network switch and that the router and/or switch  is powered on and that other devices can connect to the internet via Ethernet LAN cable.

Check that the Ethernet LAN settings are set to Auto if you do not need to specify a specific IP address on your local network. Search for "How do I change the Dimplex Hub connection type between WiFi and Ethernet LAN?" to see how to access the "Change Hub Connection" wizard and ensure the connection is set to Auto and not manual.

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