How do I wire a QMRF for single supply?

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The heater will come ready to be set up for dual power supply to be fitted, meaning separate off peak and peak wiring (See image below). 

Dual Supply:

In order to install the heater on a single supply, you will need to link the peak and off peak by moving the wires to the below set up. 

Single Supply:

If on single supply must be wired up with 20amp double pole switch and 2.5mm2 heat resistant cable - see installation instructions.

Extract from the installation manual:

Setting the off-peak times:

The timer within the heater must be adjusted so the heater knows when the off-peak electricity rates apply, otherwise it could take a charge during the peak rate and cost the end user more money to run the heaters.


Hold down MENU & ADVANCE buttons for 5 seconds to reveal the Advanced Setting menu,

Turn the dial to highlight "Charging" and press the dial.

Turn the dial to highlight "Charge Time" and press the dial.

Turn the dial to edit the hour, then press to move to the minutes. Press the dial to move onto the next value each time. 


In this example, the heater is set up to charge from Midnight to 00:30, then from 04:30-07:30 and from 20:30-23:59 as this customer is on a Scottish electricity tariff. Where the 2nd / 3rd or 4th set of times are not required, leave the on and off times as per the last "off" time on the line above, in this instance 23:59-23:59. Press the dial to confirm these times.

Note, if the heater is on dual supply, then the Charge Times menu should be left on 00:00-00:00 on all 4 lines as the heater is being switched from the electricity meter supply in standard dual supply installs.

Applicable Models:

QM050RF, QM070RF, QM100, QM125RF QM150RF

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