How do I know what coding number is right for my heat pump? (WPM or Touch screen based).

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If you are looking for a coding number for your heat pump, the first port of call should always be the product data badge. Example here is an SI75TU heat pump, which has the coding 4017.


If your data badge does not have a code listed, below is a table of heat pump model numbers and the coding number required when using L software or higher on a WPM controller. 


You may also find the article "I have Fault code F15 / Sensors fault on my heat pump (WPM or Touch screen based). What does this mean?" useful if you are experiencing coding number issues on the heat pump.



Model NumberCoding Number
 LI 8MS1001
 LI 9TE1001
 LI 9TES1014
 LI 9TU1009
 LI 11ME1001
 LI 11MS1001
 LI 11TE1001
 LI 11TES1015
 LI 12TU1010
 LI 15TE1023
 LI 16AS1001
 LI 16TE1001
 LI 16TES1016
 LI 20AS1001
 LI 20TE1001
 LI 20TES1017
 LI 24TE1001
 LI 24TES1018
 LI 28AS1001
 LI 28TE1001
 LI 28TES1019
 LIH 10TE1020
 LIH 22TE1001
 LIH 26TE1001
 LIK 8ME1001
 LIK 8TE1001
 LIK 8TES1013 / 1041
 LIK 12TU1039 / 1040
 LIKI 14TE1022
 LA 6S-TU5020
 LA 6TU1012
 LA 9S-TU1011 / 5011
 LA 9TU1002
 LA 11AS1001
 LA 11MAS1028
 LA 11MS1001
 LA 11PS1001
 LA 11TAS1027
 LA 12PS1001
 LA 12S-TU5012
 LA 12TU1003
 LA 16AS1001
 LA 16MAS1021
 LA 16MS1001
 LA 17PS1001
 LA 17TU1004
 LA 18I-MU5015
 LA 18S-TU5013
 LA 20AS1001
 LA 22HS1001
 LA 22PS1001
 LA 22TBS1031
 LA 24AS1001
 LA 25TU1005
 LA 26HS1001
 LA 26PS1001
 LA 28AS1001
 LA 28TBS1032
 LA 33TBS1042
 LA 35TUR+5003
 LA 40AS1001
 LA 40TU1006
 LA 60TU1007
 LA 60TU-21045
 LA 60TUR+5006
 LAJ 11MUR5004
 LAJ 16MUR5005
 LAJ 60TUR+5007
 LAW 6IMR1037
 LAW 9IMR1024
 LAW 14IMR1038
 LAW 14ITR1025
 SI 5ME4001
 SI 5MS4001
 SI 5TE4001
 SI 6TU4010
 SI 7ME4001
 SI 7MS4001
 SI 7TE4001
 SI 8TU4007
 SI 9ME4001
 SI 9MS4001
 SI 9TE4001
 SI 10MER6005
 SI 11KMS4001
 SI 11ME4001
 SI 11TE4001
 SI 11TU4008
 SI 14KS4001
 SI 14ME4001
 SI 14MS4001
 SI 14TE4001
 SI 14TU4009
 SI 16KMS4001
 SI 17TE4001
 SI 18TU4011
 SI 21TE4001
 SI 22TU4006
 SI 24TE4001
 SI 26TU4020
 SI 30CS4001
 SI 30TE4001
 SI 35TU4019
 SI 35TUR6008
 SI 37TE4001
 SI 50TE4001
 SI 50TU4018
 SI 50TUR6009
 SI 70TUR6007
 SI 75TE4001
 SI 75TU4017
 SI 90TU4025
 SI 100TE4001
 SI 130TE4001
 SI 130TU4026
 SI 130TUR+6002
 SIH 6ME4001
 SIH 6TE4001
 SIH 9ME4001
 SIH 9TE4001
 SIH 11ME4001
 SIH 11TE4001
 SIH 20TE4001
 SIH 40TE4001
 SIH 90TU4015
 SIHJ 90TU4016
 SIJ 10MER6004
 SIJ 75TER+6003
 SIJ 130TUR+6006
 SIK 6TES4030
 SIK 7TE-24002
 SIK 8TES4031
 SIK 9TE-24003
 SIK 11ME4001
 SIK 11TE4001
 SIK 11TE-24004
 SIK 11TES4032
 SIK 14TE4001
 SIK 14TE-24005
 SIK 14TES4033
 SIK 16ME4001
 SIKH 6TE4001
 SIKH 9ME4001
 SIKH 9TE4001
 SIW 6MU4021
 SIW 6TES4027
 SIW 6TU4012
 SIW 8MU4022
 SIW 8TES4028
 SIW 8TU 4013
 SIW 11MU4023
 SIW 11TES4029
 SIW 11TU4014
 WI 10TU3005
 WI 14TU3004
 WI 18TU3006
 WI 22TU3007
 WI 35TU3008
 WI 45TU3009
 WI 50TU3002
 WI 65TU3010
 WI 95TU3011
 WI 100TU3003
 WI 120TU3014
 WI 140TUR+9002
 WI 180TU3015
 WIH 120TU3012
M-Flex 060913033
M-Flex 091613040
M-Flex M (1ph)13041

If your model is not listed above, and it is an older model of heat pump, with no electronic expansion valve control and also previously on H or J software, but upgraded to L software (hence looking up a coding number), the defaults were:

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