How do I switch on backup on the A-Class heat pump?

Modified on Tue, 29 Nov 2022 at 02:09 PM

If the A-Class heat pump has stopped working, it is possible to switch on the immersion element to provide hot water and to provide frost protection for the heating circuit. 

To do this, turn the dial to highlight the “i” symbol and press the dial down to select it.





Turn the dial so that the light blue highlighted section is on the “Login:” box at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

• Press the dial down to highlight just the login number in the box.

• Turn the dial so that 2 is shown in the box.

• Press the dial down twice.

• Turn the dial so that 2 is shown again in the box.

•Press the dial down twice.

• Turn the dial back the opposite way so that 998 is shown & press the dial once.

• Once you have logged in as 998, you should see the following options.

• Turn the dial to highlight the option “General DHW & Heating Control”.

• Press the dial down to enter the “General DHW & Heating Control”.

• The option “Use alternate heatsource” is highlighted.
 • Press the dial and the cursor will highlight the number 0 at the end.

• Turn the dial to change this to 1 & press to dial to confirm this.

• This will now enable the hot water immersion element to heat your hot water cylinder and the buffer immersion element to provide some frost protection to the heating circuit.

• To disable the backup, go back to this menu and change the value from 1 back to 0 to disable the backup heating function and to resume normal operation using the compressor.

• To exit from these screens, keep pressing the Esc button until you are back to the main front screen.

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