Water is dripping through my extractor fan, why? What can I do to stop it?

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Water droplets coming through extractor fan


If you notice water dripping from your extractor then it is likely there is condensation in the ducting. Particularly in the winter, when warm, moist air will turn cold as it gets nearer to the colder outdoor temperature. The air then condenses into water droplets falls back down through the ducting.

This typically happens more with flexible ducting as the design allow pockets of condensation to gather much easier.

Specifically with wall mounted fans another common cause is when the ducting is not installed with a slight downwards angle to allow any condensed moisture to drain away from the fan.


We recommend replacing any flexible ducting with straight, rigid ducting wherever possible, especially for longer duct runs and where bends are incorporated.

Ensure the fan is installed to drain away in the event of condensation build up.

If none of the above resolve and especially for ceiling mounted fans, then then best thing to do is fit a condensate trap. These are available from most builders merchants and will require a competent person to fit it.

Applicable to:

VX Range – VX100, VX100T, VX100P, VX120, VX120T, VX150, VX150T

VX SP Range – VX100SP, VX100T-SP, VX100P-SP

DX Range – DX100, DX100B, DX100BHPT, DX100BHT, DX100BT, DX100HTA, DX100HTAP, DX100PC, DX100PIR, DX100T, DX100TCP, DX100H

Smooth Fan – XS100S, XS100T

Ripple Fan – XR100S, XR100T

DX Simply Silent Range – DX100BHTR, DX100BHTS, DX100BPR, DX100BPS, DX100BR, DX100BTS, DX100HPTR, DX100HPTS, DX100HTR, DX100HTS, DX100PR, DX100PS, DX100R, DX100S, DX100TR, DX100TS, DX100PIRR, DX100PIRS

Contour Simply Silent –C4S, C4R, C4SR, C4TS, C4TR, C4TSR, C4HTS, C4HTR, C4HTSR, C4PS, C4PR, C4PSR

Low Voltage Range – LV100, LV100T, LV100HTA, LV100HTAP, LV100B, LV100BHPT, LV100BHT, LV100BT, LV100HTA, LV100HTAP, LV100PC, LV100PIR, LV100H, LV100BHP, LV100HP

Simply Silent Low Voltage – LV100TS, SSLV100HPTS, SSLV100HPTR, SSLV100HTR, SSLV100HTS, SSLV100PIRR, SSLV100PIRS, SSLV100PS, SSLV100R, SSLV100S, SSLV100TR, SSLV100TS, 

Simply Silent Constant Volume – CV4S, CV4R, CV4SR

Simply Silent Constant Volume Low Voltage – LVCV4R, LVCV4S, LVCV4SR

VX Range – VX150, VX150T

DX Simply Silent 6” Range – DX150S, DX150TS, DX150PS, DX150HTS, DX150R, DX150TR, DX150PR, DX150HTR

Contour 6” Simply Silent – C6S, C6TS, C6PS, C6HTS

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