What electricity tariffs do Dimplex Quantum support?

Modified on Mon, 27 Nov, 2023 at 3:03 PM

Dimplex Quantum heaters can support a variety of off-peak tariffs. It is impossible to list them all as the energy market is changing constantly.

We have just launched a new special Quantum tariff in conjunction with British Gas, details of which can be found on the British Gas website and the Dimplex main website.



If you are looking at Tariffs other than the British Gas Quantum tariff, then read on below:

Things you need to be aware of:


• Quantum heaters need an economy tariff in order to charge up at a cheaper electricity rate. Quantum is designed to work on a 7-hour economy tariff. If the tariff is less than 7 hours, the heater may not be able to fully charge in the coldest of weather.


Quantum can work with Dual Supply or Single Supply configurations.


• For dual supply installations (recommended), the off-peak consumer unit needs to be energised by the electricity meter only when it is cheap, otherwise the heater will not know when it can take a charge overnight.


• For single supply installations, the tariff must be “whole house switchover” type. The off-peak times must be entered into the heater’s “Charge Times” menu so the heater knows when it can charge at the cheap rate. The tariff must be at the same times each night!


• For single supply installations, check if the electricity meter switches between GMT/BST and adjust the charge times in the heater if needed when the clocks change. Please refer to the installation instructions in full if installing to a single supply.

• Special EV tariffs - check with the electricity tariff provider as they may have limitations around its use. There may also be electrical loading conciderations to take into account, so check with your electrician who is fitting your equipment.





Dual supply installation – where a 24 hour “peak” and time restricted “off-peak” supply are feeding the heater. The restricted supply is only live during the cheap time periods.


Single supply installation – where a single 24-hour supply is given to the heater. The heater then needs to be told exactly when the electricity is cheap.


Whole House switchover – where the whole house is billed at the cheaper rate, rather than just a limited set of circuits in the home, during the cheap rate.

Time of Use Tariffs - A special tariff where the cost per kWh varies depending on the time of day when that electricity is used, usually changing every half hour and the rate depends on national grid daily pricing. These are unlikely to be able to be supported by Quantum currently as they change constantly.

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