My German heat pump is not reaching the desired hot water set point. How do I resolve this?

Modified on Mon, 19 Feb 2024 at 11:32 AM

If your heat pump is not reaching the desired temperature, it is because over time the heat pump has not been able to achieve the desired set point and automatically changes to the temperature it knows it can achieve. 

For example the heat pump is set to a set point of 55 but it is only reaching 40 degrees.  

In order to correct this, a ' Max HP Reset' is required, to do this, you will just need to do the following:

  1. Press Menu and Enter together for approximately 5 seconds. 
  2. Scroll down to Settings and press Enter.
  3. Scroll through the options until you get to Hot Water and press Enter. 
  4. Scroll down to Reset HP Max and Enter. 
  5. Adjust No to Yes by using the Up and Down arrows and then press Enter. 
    Note: Yes will revert back to No, but the maximum achievable temperature will have been reset. 

When the achievable temperature gets too low, a fault message of 'Hot Water Fault' will be displayed. If you get this, please follow the instructions on the link below.

Applicable Models:

LA 40TU-2, LA 60STU, SI 75TU, SI 90TU, SI 130TU, LA 8AS, LA 11AS, LA 16AS, LA 20AS, LA 24AS, LA 28AS, LA 40AS, LA 11ASR, LA 16ASR, LA 22HS, LA 26HS, LA 11MAS, LA 16MAS, LA 6MR, LA 8MR, LA 10MR, LA 11MS, LA 16MS, LA 11MSR, LA 8PMS, LA 14PMS, LA 9PS, LA 11PS, LA 12PS, LA 16PS, LA 18PS, LA 22PS, LA 26PS, LA60P-TUR, LA 6S-TU, LA 9S-TU, LA 12S-TU, LA 18S-TU, LA 60S-TU, LA 6S-TUR, LA 9S-TUR, LA 12S-TUR, LA 18S-TUR, LA 60S-TUR, LA 6TU, LA 9TU, LA 12TU, LA 16TU, LA 25TU, LA 40TU, LA 60TU, LA 25TU-2, LA 40TU-2, LA 60TU-2, LA 35TUR+, LA 60TUR+, SI 11KMS, SI 16KMS, SI 7KS, SI 9KS, SI 11KS, SI 14KS, SI 5ME, SI 7ME, SI 9ME, SI 11ME, SI 14ME, SI 5MER, SI 7MER, SI 9MER, SI 10MER, SI 11MER, SI 5MS, SI 7MS, SI 9MS, SI 11MS, SI 14MS, SI 5MSR, SI 7MSR, SI 9MSR, SI 11MSR, SI 8MR, SI 10MR, SI 5TE, SI 7TE, SI 9TE, SI 11TE, SI 14TE, SI 17TE, SI 21TE, SI 24TE, SI 30TE, SI 37TE, SI 50TE, SI 75TE, SI 100TE, SI 130TE, SI 30TER+, SI 75TER+, SI 12TR, SI 14TR, SI 16TR, SI 20TR, SI 6TU, SI 8TU, SI 11TU, SI 14TU, SI 18TU, SI 22TU, SI 26TU, SI 35TU, SI 50TU, SI 75TU, SI 90TU, SI 130TU, SIH 6ME, SIH 9ME, SIH 11ME, SIH 6TE, SIH 9TE, SIH 11TE, SIH 20TE, SIH 40TE, SIH 90TU, SIK 11ME, SIK 16ME, SIK 7TE, SIK 9TE, SIK 11TE, SIK 14TE, SIK 7TE-2, SIK 9TE-2, SIK 11TE-2, SIK 14TE-2

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