My Edel is running out of hot water too soon. How can I prevent this?

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When you use hot water, most of the time the hot is mixed with cold water at the tap, so it is usable for hand washing & bathing to around 38-40C. If the water in the tank is hotter, then you use more cold water to achieve the same temperature at the tap, and therefore you make the hot water in the tank last longer. 


Whilst we recommend heating water to 50C for economic operation, if you find yourself running out of hot water, try increasing the temperature to say 55C (or up to 60C on Edel 200/270). 

To adjust the temperature follow this guide:


You also need to make sure the Edel is timed so that it has enough time to reheat the water. Make sure the timer is set to COMF mode 0000-2400 each day so that the cylinder is able to heat up when it needs to. When the compressor heats the water it does so slowly but very economically, so it may need several hours to run. To adjust the timer:

If you are on Economy 7, you may find that 7 hours overnight is not quite enough time to allow the cylinder to fully reheat, so setting the timer for a longer period may be needed.


If you still find that you are running short on hot water, then there is another setting which can be adjusted. 

To get to this:

• Press MENU button


• HOLD DOWN both MENU and CLOCK buttons until the screen goes blank, then let go. 

• Turn the DIAL to SETTINGS and press the DIAL. 

• Turn the DIAL to "T°C MINI no", press the DIAL, turn it so that it says 43°C and press the DIAL to confirm. 

• Press MENU three times to exit the menus. 

Note that this mode uses both the electric immersion element AND the compressor together when the water falls below 38C and will switch back to compressor only operation once the water reaches 43C. This naturally uses more electricity, but gives a quicker recovery time.


If you find that your tap is not getting hot enough, even when no cold is being run at the same time, check if you have a thermostatic blending valve in use. These are often fitted to bath taps to prevent scalding water temperatures being delivered. If yours is set too low, that may be the reason why one tap is only tepid, yet the kitchen tap is still hot. Note, Dimplex do not supply thermostatic blending valves.


If you are still running out of hot water after making these changes, then it is likely that your usage is higher than normal or that the cylinder may be undersized for your application. Look to reduce your water consumption by fitting eco shower heads, taking shorter showers and fitting aerating tap nozzles to reduce flow when handwashing.


Applicable to models: EDL170UK, EDL200UK, EDL270UK, EDL170UK-520RF, EDL200UK-630RF, EDL270UK-630RF 

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