OVERPRESS error is displayed on the Edel cylinder. What does this mean?

Modified on Mon, 8 Jul at 2:23 PM

The cylinder has reached its operational limit unexpectedly. 

The operational range of the Edel is -7c to 35c as soon as the air temperatures reach 30-35 degrees, the heat pump will cause OVERPRESS to be displayed to protect the heat pump/cylinder.  Must wait for a reduction in the external air temperature prior to following the steps below.

To remove the error message follow the steps below-

Press and hold the circle control dial for approximately 5 seconds to clear the error message.

If the error message persists check the following-

Make sure the cylinder is full of water (does water come out when hot tap turned on?) Run hot taps to assist with purging any air from the cylinder.

Make sure there is no other electronic equipment around the Edel.

Once above actioned press and hold the circle dial again.

If OVERPRESS Message still persists following the above steps then raise a service ticket following link below.

If the electrical backup is needed because the compressor is not running/ have no hot water, search Knowledge base for “My Edel hot water cylinder has stopped heating the water. How do I get hot water via backup?

Note if you have your Edel set as a language other than English the error may display as - 

SECU.HP (French) HOCH DRUCK (German) BLOC.AP (Italian) WYS.CISN (Polish) HOGE DRUK (Dutch) ALTA.PR_ER (Spanish) VYS.TLAK (Slovakian) VISO K TLA (Slovene) VYS.TLAK (Czech) VISO K TLA (Croatian) SOBR EPRES (Portuguese) OVER TRYK (Norwegian) MAGA S NY (Hungarian) PRES.LARTE (Albanian) VISO K PRI. (Serbian) 

Require additional help? Please follow link below


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