Will my slimline storage heater still work after a power cut?

Modified on Tue, 26 Sep, 2023 at 2:06 PM

If there is a power cut, the heater will be unable to take an off-peak charge or run the fan until power has been restored.

Once power is restored, the heater should not need any input from yourself as the heater has a backup battery remembering the date & time and the settings are held.

Your storage heater may take a couple of days to settle back down to what feels like normal charging. This is because it learns how much charge is needed each night based on previous days performance, and this is re-learned after a power cut. 


If there has been a power cut for several days and the house has gone cold, it may take a few days to heat up the fabric of the building in very cold weather conditions.

If after a power cut, your heater is prompting you to enter the date and time, do this and it will then make the heater work. However, this is a sign that the backup battery for the clock on the heater requires replacing.

To change the battery follow this guide:


Applicable to models:  

XLE050 XLE070 XLE100 XLE125 XLE150 

TSRE050 TSRE070 TSRE100 TSRE125 TSRE150 

NLSH050 NLSH070 NLSH100 NLSH100 NLSH125 NLSH150 

DESE050 DESE070 DESE100 DESE125 DESE150 

SSHE050 SSHE070 SSHE100 SSHE125 SSHE150 

VASH050E VASH070E VASH100E VASH125E VASH150E AC6550 AC6554

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