Why does the fan on Quantum cycle on and off repeatedly and/or change speed?

Modified on Tue, 18 Jul 2023 at 12:29 PM

Issue:  Fan changes speed and / or cycles on and off every 30/60/90 seconds


What this means:  This is not a fault, it is by design.

The fan on the Quantum heaters is designed to run at different speeds and also cycle on/off as the room approaches the target set temperature on screen. If the room is quite cold compared to the set point temperature, and it says "Heating ON" on the screen, the fan will run at full speed. As the room warms up and gets closer to the target set point, the fan can slow down and it will also cycle on and off every 30/45/60 seconds. 

By slowing the fan and then cycling the fan on/off, it slows the rate of release of heat into the room, the closer the room reaches the desired set temperature. 

Applicable to models:  QM050RF QM070RF QM100RF QM125RF QM150RF, 


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