Can I replace the UV-C lamps on the DXBRVAP5 and how do I do this?

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UV-C lamps have failed. 



You will need part number 500000689 (UV-C lamp), this can be purchased via UK Spares on 01454 620500. 

To replace the lamps, follow the steps below

  1. Follow the steps to remove 3 in 1 filter to obtain access to the UV-C lamp. 
  2. Remove the lamp cover screw with a small phillips screwdriver. 
  3. Carefully remove the lamp holder and unclip the attached wire. 
  4. Remove lamp from holder and replace with new lamp back in the holder. Please be gentle when removing or replacing the lamp. 
  5. Reattach lamp wire to adjoining connector and place lamp holder back in position. Carefully place the lamp cover over the lamp and twist clockwise and secure with screw. 
  6. Replace 3 in 1 filter, base and re fasten securely.

Note: Do not look into the UV-C lamp when it is ON!


If you are unsure on how to remove the filter, please refer to our article titled "How do I replace the filter on my DXBRVAP5?".

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