How do I operate WWFH20E base unit heater?

Modified on Thu, 18 May, 2023 at 4:35 PM

To enable the end user to operate these units in a basic On/Off mode please follow these steps.

1. Before operation the remote needs to be paired with the product. This process is set out on Page 12 of the Instructions.

2. Once pairing is complete the Date and Time MUST be set. It is not possible to access the home screen menu if this is not completed.

3. Having set the date and time you can now enter the home screen menu by pressing the ‘MENU’ button.

4. Using the up/down buttons (found above the ENTER button) you can then navigate through the Home Screen Menu. Highlight the HAND symbol and press ENTER.

5. Using the up/down arrow you can now adjust the set point temp that will be displayed on the screen. The default temperature is set at 21deg so if the ambient room temperature is above this the heater will not come on. If the ambient temperature is below 21deg the heater will run until 21deg is achieved and will then shut down. The heater will cycle on/off to maintain 21deg. The set point temperature can be adjusted at any time by using the up/down arrows.

6. If the end user wants to effectively turn the heater off, then simply adjust the set point temperature to 7deg (frost protection), the heater will stay off until the set point temperature is raised to warm the room.

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