ANTI-BACT Error is displayed on Edel. What does this mean?

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This means the Edel has tried to perform the “anti-bact” / anti-legionella cycle but it could not complete successfully. The Anti-legionella cycle is a programme on the cylinder used to heat water typically to 60C or higher at 22:00 once every x days (typically once every 7 days but it is adjustable) to prevent legionella bacteria growth in water. 

If the cylinder could not get to the desired temperature, it may be due to:

  • Setting the anti-legionella temperature too high. If it is above 65C the immersion element may not be able to achieve this so try lowering the temperature to 60C. Press Menu, turn dial to “Inst-Menu” and then hold down Menu & Clock buttons until screen goes blank. Select settings. Choose “Temp-Sett” and try 60C rather than a higher temperature.
  • Timer set to ECO or frost-pt mode from 22:00. As the anti-bact program always runs at 22:00 when it needs to run, if the timer is in ECO or frost-pt mode for a significant period of time it may be blocking the ability to use the immersion or compressor to complete the anti-bact program, so try allowing COMF mode from 22:00 on the timer.
  • There could be a fault with the immersion element if an anti-bact temperature >60C is chosen on the Edel200/270 and is unable to reach it (>55C on Edel 170).
  • Hot Water draw could be very high during the anti-bact cycle, meaning more hot water is being used than can be recovered quickly enough with the compressor & immersion element. 
  • Hot Water temperature probe under-reading. Unlikely as this is more likely to result in “Overpress” warnings than “anti-bact“ warnings.

Note if you have your Edel set as a language other than English the error may display as - 


ANTI LEGIO (Italian)

ANTI.LEG (Dutch)

ANTI LEGIO (Spanish, Slovakian, Czech, Croatian, Portuguese)

LEGI BESKYT (Norwegian)

LEGI ONELL (Hungarian)

MBRO.LEGJI (Albanian)

ZAST.LEGIO (Serbian)

Applicable Models

Edel – EDL170-520RF, EDL200UK-630RF, EDL270UK-630RF, EDL200UK-630, EDL270UK-630

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