I have “Error 05 Open Window Detected” on my Slimline storage heater. What does this mean?

Modified on Wed, 13 Sep 2023 at 04:37 PM

 Applicable to models:  

XLE050 XLE070 XLE100 XLE125 XLE150 

TSRE050 TSRE070 TSRE100 TSRE125 TSRE150 

NLSH050 NLSH070 NLSH100 NLSH100 NLSH125 NLSH150 

DESE050 DESE070 DESE100 DESE125 DESE150 

SSHE050 SSHE070 SSHE100 SSHE125 SSHE150 

VASH050E VASH070E VASH100E VASH125E VASH150E AC6550 AC6554 

Issue:  Error code 05 Open window detected.


What this means:  

Code 05 displaying is not an error, but a warning to let you know the heater had detected that a window may have opened due to a sudden drop in temperature. The heater will stop heating during this time. This is one of the energy saving features of the product. 

Hold the ENTER button for 10 seconds to clear this message and the heater will resume heating operation as normal.

If the heater is displaying this error and no window was opened, it may have been due to a draught from somewhere else ie; gaps in floorboards or an opened door.

Open Window detection can be switched off easily if the feature is not wanted. Simply hold the ENTER button for 5 seconds until the “User Info” menu appears. Press ENTER on “Open “Window”, use the UP/DOWN arrows to choose “Disable” and press ENTER to confirm.


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