Require Help or support with a Burco or Redring product?

Modified on Mon, 08 Jan 2024 at 12:44 PM

For any help or support etc for all Burco or Redring product please contact RKW on:



0333 220 6094.




0333 220 6095


Note this list of products is not inclusive. For all Burco & Redring branded products please contact RKW on contact details above.

Manual FillX-444448528MFCT10ST10L manual fill boiler
Manual FillX-444448529MFCT20ST20L manual fill boiler
Manual FillX-444448530MFCT30ST30L manual fill boiler

Manual FillX-444440351MFCT101010L manual fill boiler
Manual FillX-444440352MFCT102020L manual fill boiler
Manual FillX-444440353MFCT103030L manual fill boiler

AutofillX-069764AFF5CTFiltration autofill countertop 5L
Autofillx-069771AFF10CTFiltration autofill countertop 10L
Autofill500000137AFF20CTFiltration autofill countertop 20L
AutofillX-069801AFF5WMWall mount filtration 5L
AutofillX-069825AFU10CTUnfiltered countertop 10L
AutofillX-069924AFU3WMUnfiltered wall mount 3L
AutofillX-069931AFU7WMUnfiltered wall mount 7.5L

HW0110 L INFRARED 2kW Handwash Unit

Showers- PureX-53531301RPS7 Pure Shower 7.5kW  
Showers- PureX-53531001RPS8 Pure Shower 8.5kW  
Showers- PureX-53531101RPS9 Pure Shower 9.5kW  
Showers- PureX-53531201RPS10 Pure Shower 10.5kW  
Showers- BrightX-53533301RBS7Bright Shower 7.5kW  
Showers- BrightX-53533001RBS8 Bright Shower 8.5kW  
Showers- BrightX-53533101RBS9 Bright Shower 9.5kW  
Showers- BrightX-53533201RBS10 Bright Shower 10.5kW  
Showers- GlowX-53535301RGS7 Glow Shower 7.5kW  
Showers- GlowX-53535001RGS8 Glow Shower 8.5kW  
Showers- GlowX-53535101RGS9 Glow Shower 9.5kW  
Showers- GlowX-53535201RGS10 Glow Shower 10.5kW  
Showers- Glow Thermostat400000180RGS8TGLOW THERMOSTATIC 8.5 KW SHOWER
Showers- Glow Thermostat400000179RGS9T GLOW THERMOSTATIC 9.5KW SHOWER

Showers- SelectronicX-100054RSELP85SSelectronic Premier Thermostatic Shower  8.5kW  
Showers- SelectronicX-100061RSELP95SSelectronic Premier Thermostatic Shower 9.5kW  
Showers- SelectronicX-100085RSELP85PSelectronic Premier Thermostatic Shower  8.5kW  
Showers- SelectronicX-100092RSELP95PSelectronic Premier Thermostatic Shower  9.5kW  
Showers- SelectronicX-100115RSELP85WPCSelectronic Premier Thermostatic Plus 8.5kW with waste pump connectivity

IV3SX-43678901I3VSInstant 3 Vortex hand wash unit 3kW                             
AV3SX-43679901AV3SAutosensor 3 Vortex hand wash unit 3kW                            

PowerstreamX-078391RPS95Powerstream 9.5kW
PowerstreamX-078421RPS108Powerstream 10.8kW
PowerstreamX-078438RPS12Powerstream 12kW

Stored Water heatersX-44780001WS73WS7 Vented stored water heater heater 7 litre capacity

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