How do you set the timer on my Dimplex Panel Heater? Series A

Modified on Mon, 16 Oct 2023 at 01:43 PM

This article is applicable to the below Dimplex panel heaters that are series A. Please check the data label on your heater before continuing.

Applicable to models: PLX050E PLX075E PLX100E PLX125E PLX150E PLX200E PLXC300E MFP050E MFP075E MFP100E MFP150E MFP200E GFP050BE GFP075BE GFP100BE GFP150BE GFP200BE GFP050WE GFP075WE GFP100WE GFP150WE GFP200WE LPP075E LPP050E LPP100E LPP150E LST050E LST075E LST100E LST150E


The Series A panel heaters is factory set to Out All Day at 21°C. There are four timer mode options available. The factory set times (Monday to Sunday) are as follows:


The Heater can also be set to a constant room temperature using the following modes:

Should you wish to use a timer mode but require different times, you are able to modify the timer. To modify the timer please follow the below instructions:

  • Press Menu
  • Press the Down Arrow to select Mode 
  • Press Enter 
  • Select Timer by Pressing Enter 
  • Press the Up and Down Arrows to choose the timer mode (Out all day/Home All Day/User timer) then press Enter
  • Press the down button twice to select Modify then press Enter
  • Press Enter to move down to the first Period 
  • Press Enter to move to first ‘ON’ time 
  • Change the ‘ON’ hour using the Up & Down Arrows  
  • Press Enter to move onto ‘ON’ minutes 
  • Press the Up and Down Arrows to change the ‘on’ minutes
  • Press Enter to move to the ‘OFF’ hour 
  • Use the Up and Down Arrows to change the ‘OFF’ hour 
  • Press Enter to move to ‘OFF’ minutes
  • Use the Up and Down buttons to change the ‘OFF’ minutes 
  • Press Enter to show ‘Next’
  • Press Enter and it will move onto Period 2 (User timer)/ Evening (Out All Day)
  • Repeat the previous steps for all periods within the chosen user timer 
  • Once you have completed the last ‘OFF’ time, press Enter to show ‘Save’ 
  • Press Enter on ‘Save’. You will see a large tick to confirm
  • ‘Copy Next’ will appear. Press the Down Arrow to select ‘Copy All’ then press Enter (all days will then be the same)  

Below is an example of the process:




Changing the temperature 

When the heater is in ‘comfort on’, use the up and down buttons to alter the temperature to your desired set point. This will then remain at this temperature permanently until you wish to change it again. 

If heater displays ‘comfort off’, press the advance button to change to comfort on. You can now adjust the temperature as stated above. If you would like to turn the heating off again after making this adjustment, just press advance

Note: the temperature is not displayed during comfort off


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