What is the maximum length of ducting that is suitable to be used with an Axial fan?

Modified on Tue, 11 Apr 2023 at 12:08 PM

We would recommend a maximum length of 3 meters. 







Applicable Models: 

VX Range – VX100, VX100T, VX100P, VX120, VX120T, VX150, VX150T

VX SP Range – VX100SP, VX100T-SP, VX100P-SP

DX Range – DX100, DX100B, DX100BHPT, DX100BHT, DX100BT, DX100HTA, DX100HTAP, DX100PC, DX100PIR, DX100T, DX100TCP, DX100H

Smooth Fan – XS100S, XS100T

Ripple Fan – XR100S, XR100T

DX Simply Silent Range – DX100BHTR, DX100BHTS, DX100BPR, DX100BPS, DX100BR, DX100BTS, DX100HPTR, DX100HPTS, DX100HTR, DX100HTS, DX100PR, DX100PS, DX100R, DX100S, DX100TR, DX100TS, DX100PIRR, DX100PIRS

Contour Simply Silent –C4S, C4R, C4SR, C4TS, C4TR, C4TSR, C4HTS, C4HTR, C4HTSR, C4PS, C4PR, C4PSR

Low Voltage Range – LV100, LV100T, LV100HTA, LV100HTAP, LV100B, LV100BHPT, LV100BHT, LV100BT, LV100HTA, LV100HTAP, LV100PC, LV100PIR, LV100H, LV100BHP, LV100HP

Simply Silent Low Voltage – LV100TS, SSLV100HPTS, SSLV100HPTR, SSLV100HTR, SSLV100HTS, SSLV100PIRR, SSLV100PIRS, SSLV100PS, SSLV100R, SSLV100S, SSLV100TR, SSLV100TS

Contour Simply Silent – C6S, C6TS, C6PS, C6HTS 

VX Range – VX150, VX150T

DX Simply Silent Range – DX150S, DX150TS, DX150PS, DX150HTS, DX150R, DX150TR, DX150PR, DX150HTR

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