On a SmartRad what does each DIP switch do on the PCB?

Modified on Tue, 14 Mar 2023 at 11:52 AM

 DIP switches should be set upon installation and should only be changed by competent person.

For the UK Market, by default all DIP switches are OFF. In the European market, the SmartRad is sold as a Heating & Cooling product, and DIP 4 is switched on to enable this function.  

Bedroom Mode = a quieter mode for bedroom use. Switch DIP 1 to ON but be aware that the product performance is lowered as the fan is running slower.

Standard/High Temp mode = By default the lowest water temperature needed to allow the fan to run is >15C or > room temp, which ever is higher. This may be too low if a gas / oil boiler is used with the SmartRad, so it can be raised to High Temp mode – DIP 2 ON - meaning >45C water is needed before the fan is able to come on.

Frost Protect / Setback. By Default, if the SmartRad receives a “Setback” pilot wire signal it will treat it as a frost protection signal unless DIP 3 is switched on, then it will treat it as a setback command.

Relay off/activated. If DIP 6 is ON then the SmartRad can use its onboard relay to command say a motorised valve to open. The relay switches off 30 mins after a room heat demand has been met.

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