Why has one of my Nobo heaters stopped responding to the EcoHub or Orion 700 central timer?

Modified on Wed, 23 Nov, 2022 at 11:01 AM

Heaters which are time controlled via an EcoHub or Orion 700 central timer are using a radio link to communicate between the heaters and the timer or hub. If the heater is not responding to timer changes:

• Check that all your heaters are switched on at the wall (and any towel rails or water heater controls on the same timer system too). The system plays “pass the parcel” to extend range, so if one of your heaters is off, the overall range of the system is reduced as it cannot “pass on the message”.

• Try turning off wireless doorbells, burglar alarms, baby monitors and wireless intercoms. Any other equipment that uses 868MHz radio channels may interfere with the Nobo system. 

• Try moving the EcoHub to a different location, that may help the heater pick up the signal.

• If the Orion 700 is not wall mounted, try moving that to a different location.

If none of these suggestions resolved the issue, it may be a fault with the receiver thermostat on the heater. Depending on the model, these may be replaceable without changing the whole heater.

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